(How The Hell) Do We Get Away With It is a 1993 parody of The Pet Shop Boys' song, "Go West". It criticises the Boys for writing silly lyrics and wearing ridiculous clothing, but it also manages to sneakily deliver some blows to other figures in the media.

The Pet Shop Boys themselves responded to the song with good humour, and said they found it funny.

Lyrics Edit

There are many unanswered questions in the universal sphere

Does life have any meaning? I wonder why we're here

Is there some higher power? Father, Son and Holy Ghost

Dunno but there's one question that baffles us the most

How the hell do we keep getting away with this

How the hell did I make a career as a vocalist

How the hell can we keep getting away with murder

How the hell can our clothes get any absurder

How the hell can all our songs be quite so duff

How the hell can anyone actually like this stuff

How the hell can this old cobblers ever become a hit

How the hell do we get away with it?

The great Bermuda triangle's a mystery to be sure

People vanish quicker there than prisoners from Group 4

We can't answer the poser "how many grains of sand"

But there are many riddles of which we must demand

How the hell can Kate Moss keep on getting any thinner

How the hell can any woman fancy Michael Winner

How the hell can Major say he'll do away with class

How the hell can anyone stick a hamster up their arse

How the hell can any sane man laugh at Hale & Pace

How the hell can you not wanna smack me in the face

How the hell can people stand for such a lot of shit

How the hell do we get away with it!

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