20 great golden gobs

20 Great Golden Gobs was a Spitting Image album released in 1990.

Track listingEdit

  1. "Commons of House" - 1:49
  2. "Blues at Ten " - 2:46
  3. "M25" - 1:00
  4. "Kylie Minogue" - 2:20
  5. "Keepin' On Rockin'" - 3:25
  6. "Our God" - 2:22
  7. "Let's Go Drinking and Driving" - 1:00
  8. "The Jails are Packed" - 1:45
  9. "Perry Como" - 2:22
  10. "The Christmas Singles" - 3:42
  11. "Sick As A Moon" - 2:21
  12. "Dawn Of A New Age" - 2:40
  13. "Apart-Aid" - 2:27
  14. "I'm Sure Livin' Since I Died" - 2:24
  15. "Estate Agent Song" - 2:41
  16. "Ayatollah Song" - 2:40
  17. "The Mad Song" - 2:16
  18. "Safe Viewing" - 1:33
  19. "We're the Has-Beens" - 1:22
  20. "The Chicken Song" - 2:36


Main Voices:

Chris Barrie, Steve Coogan, Hugh Dennis, Harry Enfield, Michael Fenton Stevens, Jon Glover, Ronnie Golden, Sonia Jones, Jessica Martin, Steve Nallon, Philip Pope, Enn Reitel, Kate Robbins, Tim Whitnall

Backing Vocals:

Patrick Booth, Steve Brown, Mary Cassidy, Jimmy Chambers, Nick Curtis, Stehanie De Sykes, Rick Driscoll, Lance Ellington, Brian Engel, Clive Griffin, Mitch Hiller, Sonia Jones, Carol Kenyon, Steve Lange, Julian Littman, Gary Martin, Phil Nice, Tessa Niles, Maggie Ryder, Scobie Ryder, James Simpson, Miriam Stockley, Linda Taylor, Rachel Taylor, Carl Wayne, Suzie Webb


Alistair Beaton, Steve Brown, Paul Clark, Dave Cohen, Rob Grant, Ray Harris, Ian Hislop, Doug Naylor, Nick Newman, Pete Sinclair

Music by:

Steve Brown, Philip Pope, James Simpson


Chris Ainsworth, John Barclay, Guy Barker, Gary Barnacle, Pete Beachill, Stuart Brooks, Damon Butcher, Pete Cooper, Les Davidson, Chris Davis, Martin Drover, Dave Early, Malcolm Griffiths, Steve Henderson, Martin Loveday, Sean Lyons, Richard Marcangelo, Celia Nicklin, Philip Pope, Kevin Powell, George Robertson, Alan Ross, Geoff Seopardie, Steve Shone, Neil Sidwell, Adam Sieff, James Simpson, Chris Standing, Vince Sullivan, John Thirkell, Pete Thoms, , Philip ToddChris White, Tim Whitnall, Neal Wilkinson, Dave Woodcock, Gavin Wright


Art Director:
Roger Law
Pablo Bach
Point Three Design Consultants
Sleeve Jottings:
Mike Barfield
White Light


John McGevern, Karl Maddert

Engineer, Remix:

Alan Jakoby

Project Co-ordinator:

Jill Davidson


Andy Emmony


Bill Dare, Graeme Perkins, Philip Pope


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