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All Things is a song that was used in the Christmas special.


Spitting Image - All things Bright and Beautiful


Cabinet: All things nice and lucrative,

All business great and small,

All things privatisable,

Our Leader made them all.

Nigel Lawson: The rich man in his Roller,

Norman Tebbit: The poor man on his bike,

Douglas Hurd: She made them high or low and

Norman Fowler: Removed the right to strike.

Cecil Parkinson: All things economical

Nicholas Ridley: Each green belt motorway (coughs)

Kenneth Clarke: Hospitals and surgeries

Cabinet: Our leader makes them pay.

Choirboy: The graveyards in the Falklands,

The policeman with a gun,

The desperate, the homeless,

She made them every one.

All things that are viable,

All semi-poisoned food,

All radiated vegetables,

Our leader called them good.

Choir: The train that never gets there,

The bus that doesn't come,

The school with no resources,

The overcrowded slum.

Choirboy: All free market enterprise,

Each yuppie walking tall,

All things indefensible,

Our leader made them all.