"America!" is the fifth song from The Sound of Maggie!, and is sung by Margaret Thatcher and a chorus. It is a parody of "America!" by Leonard Bernstein and Stephen Sondheim from the 1957 musical West Side Story, and its lyrics tell of Thatcher's desire for the United Kingdom to be more like the United States.

Lyrics Edit

The Sound of Maggie! America!

The Sound of Maggie! America!

America! starts at 05:43.

(The Sharks and the Wets on-stage please for "Westminster Story!")

(Margaret Thatcher)
I want to be like America,
No-one Lefty in America, 
Right-wing loony in America, 
People like me in America!

No TUC in America, 
No EEC in America, 
No C of E in America, 
No Rob Runsie in America! 

I know a city called London, 
Shaking it up is what I’ve done, 
British IB hits the silt-works, (?) 
Still I turn it all into New York! (Ha ha!)

I want to be like America, 
No royalty in America, 
No-one curtseys in America, 
Except to me in America!

No NHS in America, 
No state like us in America, (?) 
No free ill-ness in America, 
Couldn’t care less in America!

I know a village called Greenham, 
The only place here that I’m keen on, 
That is the reason that I say, 
America rules UK!

I want to be like America, 
No good TV in America, 
No BBC in America, 
No KDD in America!

Free enterprise in America, 
All privatised in America, 
Ever despised in America, (?) 
All are despised in America!