Dan Quayle (1947) is an American politician and Vice President under the George Bush Sr. administration. He is notorious for his numerous stupid quotes and opinions. Once, while visiting a school, he corrected a pupil who wrote the word "potato" on the blackboard by incorrectly adding an "e" to the word. He once compared his political experience with President John F. Kennedy, but was immediately put into place by Democratic politician Lloyd Bentsen who said to him: "Senator, I served with Jack Kennedy, I knew Jack Kennedy, Jack Kennedy was a friend of mine. Senator you are no Jack Kennedy."

Portrayal in Spitting ImageEdit

In one sketch President Bush tells Quayle "Listen, Dan, you were right to compare yourself to John F. Kennedy". Quayle then replies: "Because of my experience?" Bush: "No, because we're going to have you asssasinated." Quayle: "Thank you, sir, that's an honor."

In another sketch, which was a partial saga throughout the entire seventh series, the American government tries to get rid of him by shooting him into space.