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Donald J. Trump (R-NY) is an American businessman and celebrity. He is also the 45th President of the United States. He is voiced by Matt Forde in the 2020 revival of Spitting Image.

Donald Trump's puppet in the 2020 revival.

The real Donald Trump.

Portrayal in Spitting Image[]

Trump is portrayed as actually being bald, with his hair actually being a separate animal which Trump has trained to attack others on his command.

His anus is also portrayed as being a separate (yet attached) entity responsible for Trump's more outrageous and random tweets.

In the first episode of the 2020 revival, Trump made a deal with the Coronavirus (which he nicknamed "Coroni") to be a part of his Anti-Virus Task Force after squirting him with the hydroxy (which is actually bleach), then brought the virus with him through a shrink ray in the Center for Disease Control and was later infected (an allusion that in reality Trump WAS tested positive for COVID-19 along with his wife).