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Spitting Image - The Sound of Maggie! - Part 1 5

"Food, Dangerous Food" begins at 06:07.

"Food, Dangerous Food" is the second song from the Spitting Image special The Sound of Maggie!, and is a parody of "Food, Glorious Food" by Lionel Bart from the 1960 musical Oliver! The Spitting Image version is sung by Kenneth Clarke, Edwina Currie and a chorus of Conservative Party Members and singing food.

The song reflects on the appalling state of British farming practices at the time, and how heath standards were overlooked in favour of maximising profits and production.


(Tory Farmer) 
(Please sir, can I have some more?)

(Kenneth Clarke)  
(MORE?!? What have you done to deserve it?)

(Tory Farmer)  

(Kenneth Clarke)  
(Oh, fair enough! Have a portion of decay! Next!)

(Everyone onstage for the "Food" number! Keep it down! Shush!)

(Edwina Currie and Chorus)  
Food, dangerous food!  
No chicken and omelette!  
You’re soon in the mood,  
For diarrhoea and gut-rot!

TV dinners with (?),  
Mayonnaise is a killer!  
Egg sarnies from god-knows where,  
Smell that salmonella!

Food, dangerous food!  
Make sure that you boil it!  
One morsel of chewed means  
Four days on the toilet!

Radiation in British lamb,  
Aluminium in water!  
Tory farmers don’t give a damn,  
Carry on with the slaughter!

Food, dangerous food,  
Can prove quite alarming!  
You’ll get yourself sued,  
Blaming battery farming!

Food poisoning’s terribly rare,  
This egg’s so healthy!  
So let’s all forget the jam,  
And keep ourselves wealthy!

Yes, food, dangerous food!  
Life-giving food! Sickening food!  
Wonderful food! Bowel-moving food!  
Glorious food!