Heavy Metal Song is a song from 1991 mocking metal bands such as Black Sabbath and Iron Maiden, and particularly Def Leppard (who are from Sheffield). It was written by David Cohen & Pete Sinclair. Ozzy Osborne is the lead singer.

The song features in episode 4 of series 10.

Lyrics Edit

I'm the seventh son of Satan but the devil threw me out

He said I was too evil when he heard me scream and shout

So I joined a heavy metal band and stormed the gates of hell

We signed a pact with Lucifer, he promised not to tell...

That we really come from Sheffield and our average age is over 35

He's Thor the Mighty Ramrod, but when he's with his mum, she calls him Clive

I've seen a naked woman - She was his sister, he was five

Now the Pentecostal Priestess was down upon her knees

She was lookin' at my love gun, I heard her saying "please"

Gonna tie you up in chains, babe, and whip you 'til you pout

He's always fancied Sharon, but he's scared to ask her out

Because we really come from Sheffield and in fact he's only five foot three

He always phones the neighbours when he thinks we might be on TV

I take a lot of drugs - They're for his asthma allergy

"Where's the catarrh solo?"

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