Making Nice Curtains is a 1986 song parodying Dire Straits' 1985 hit "Money For Nothing" and generally criticises the Yuppie culture of the 80s. The song title comes from a fake album cover seen in the video.

During the video, there are scenes were cars perform tricks and stunts in a car park. The footage for this came from an advertisement for the Vauxhall car company around the time this episode was made. Higher performance versions of their Astra and Cavalier models (as shown in the video) were considered to be "Yuppie" vehicles.


Spitting Image - Dire Straits

Spitting Image - Dire Straits

Making Nice Curtains



Puppets of Mark Knopfler, Pick Withers and John Illsley


Sting, as he appears in the video

Look at them yuppies, they're the ones who buy it
Watch 'em playing our new CDs
It ain't heaven, it's just sorta soothing
Play it in the background at your dinner parties

Our music goes with microwave ovens
With Filofaxes and with old stripped pine
Our music goes with video recorders
Our music goes with Laura Ashley blinds

Look at them yuppies, that's the way to sell it
Watch them playing in their GTi's
That ain't common, it's kinda classy
It's Fergie's favourite and it's Lady Di's

Our music goes with see-through watches
With leather jackets and with arctic plants
You can play it to your mom and dad
You can even play it to your granny and aunts

Look at them yuppies, listening to our records
In all the wine bars and the chic bistros
And when they go 'round for cocktails with their neighbours
Guess what's playing on the stereos

I want... I want my royalty
I want my royalty
With filofaxes!
It looks good next to video recorders...
It looks good with Laura Ashley blinds

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