Michael Jackson (1958-2009) was a world famous American pop/rock star, best known as child singer for the Jackson Five and later as a solo artist for songs and music videos as "Don't Stop Till You Get Enough", "Thriller", "Beat it", "Billie Jean", "Bad", "Smooth Criminal" and "Black or White". His music videos innovated the genre and he made the moonwalk dance popular. His eccentric personal life has always been a staple of numerous sensational media stories, including his ever changing physical appearance from a black to a white skin color and accusations of child molestation.

Portrayal on the showEdit

Jackson was featured often in "Spitting Image". He appears in the very first episode, singing a parody of "Thriller" called "I'm Perfect."

In later episodes his black puppet was painted white in reference to his ever changing facelifts.

Another music parody was "Mad", a parody of "Bad".

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