Nigel Lawson[edit | edit source]

Nigel Lawson, Baron Lawson of Blaby (born 11th March 1932) was a British politician most famous for being the Chancellor of the Exchequer from the 11th June 1983 to the 26th October 1989. He resigned due to differences between his economic opinions and those of Sir Alan Walters, Thatcher's personal economic advisor, making his job very hard. 

Portrayal on Spitting Image[edit | edit source]

Lawson was caricatured as a useless and sluggish Chancellor. He was unable to count beyond 17, frequently struggled to complete orders, spoke in a slurred and slow manner, got lost in a helicopter during a treasure hunt which at one point appeared to have flown underwater and didn't know what the FTSE 350 Index was. He was fed to the crocodiles by Thatcher for giving himself exemptions in the budget. He also frequently misunderstood orders, such as phasing out the pound sterling instead of the pound note, he was also mocked for having a big bottom in the show by having his butt being shown to be large with a line from the show saying “oh no we’ve lost the lovely Nigel and his wobbly bottom”

Friends of Lawson said he hated being laughed at more than anything else, and so hated his portrayal on the show.


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