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Princess Diana (1961-1997) was the first wife of Prince Charles from 1981 until 1996 until their divorce.

Portrayal on the showEdit

Most of the jokes about her were about her numerous appointments to the hairdresser, her "Slone ranger" persona and her reclusive famous lifestyle within Buckingham Palace. In the later seasons, she was seen as a wife who loved her husband even though she didn't care much for her. Following their divorce, her character was rarely seen in the show up to its cancellation in 1996 a year before her actual death from a car crash in Paris in 1997.

Shortly after the end of the show and her death, Fellow friend and comedian Stephen Fry revealed that she was not just the only member of the Royal family who watched Spitting Image but also was an avid fan of the show and her characters in Interviews.


Princess Diana(Top Right).

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