Dumbo/Roy Hattersley Deputy leader of the labour party. Frequently mocked on spitting image. His puppet often spat. Personally likes Gin and orange.  Publicly liked his portrayal Got his suits off the peg.  Not known whether he liked polo mints.  Member of the Labour Party                                            

Often seen wearing a suit.  Does a superb impression of Colonel Potter off M*A*S*H.

Massive iron maiden fan. Regularly seen around westminster.  Once sat through an entire episode of countryfile.  Once worked at a do it all in scotland. Once destroyed 84 videos with a road roller.  Known to be a mean Squash player.

Does not know the way to San Jose .

Once went on holiday with entire tub of polyfilla.

Known to be a big fan of Magnum P I .

Does a smashing impression of Barry Manilow .

Once joked if Luton win the cup then i'm a Dutchman.

His opinion on carpets in bathrooms not known.

He is a not a massive fan of Smarties.

Has every Shirley Bassey album.

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