Rubber News is a recurring news programme in the British satirical puppet show Spitting Image. It would only be a few minutes long and would be screened as one of the sketches in Spitting Image.
The programme's first appearance was in series 2 episode 1 (May 13th 1984).


Rubber News involved normally two (sometimes a different number) of the "Spitting Image" puppets acting as newsreaders sitting behind a news desk presenting some news headlines, made up by the writers of Spitting Image. Sometimes the puppets would argue or get into a fight.

Title SequenceEdit

The opening titles had a black background with a human hand spinning a globe, and as it spins the camera zooms into the globe.


Series 1Edit

Series & Episode Puppet Reader 1 Puppet Reader 2 Note
Series 2 Episode 1 Sir Robin Day Brian Walden The readers were not named by the voice-over.
Series 2 Episode 2 Jayne Torvill Christopher Dean
Series 2 Episode 3 Charles Saatchi Maurice Saatchi
Series 2 Episode 3 Sir Alastair Burnet N/A This edition was a newsflash.
Series 2 Episode 4 Princess Margaret Boy George
Series 2 Episode 5 Sir Alastair Burnet Victoria Principal
Series 2 Episode 6 John Selwyn Gummer A potato The announcer describes the potato as "another vegetable."

Series 2Edit

Series 3 Episode 1 Jimmy Greaves Ian St. John
Series 3 Episode 2 Sir Alastair Burnet N/A This episode had one presenter.
Series 3 Episode 3 Michael Grade Muir Sutherland
Series 3 Episode 4 1: Sir John Gielgud
Sir Robin Day
2: Brian Walden
Jimmy Hill
This episode had four presenters but the annoucer only mentions John Gielgud.
Series 3 Episode 5 The Pope Princess Diana
Series 3 Episode 6 Sir Alastair Burnet Sooty Sooty's friend Sweep put in a late appearance.
Series 3 Episode 7 Jimmy Hill Roger Moore
Series 3 Episode 9 Mark Thatcher The Invisible Man
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