Series 10 (known to DVD as Series 7) aired from 12 November to 17 December 1989.


Episodes 058 - 063 (6 episodes)



Anthony Asbury, Michael Bayliss, Simon Buckley, Richard Coombs, Louise Gold, Barnaby Harrison, Steve Nallon, Nigel Plaskitt, Kaefan Shaw, Robert Tygner, Mak Wilson


Chris Barrie, Steve Coogan, Hugh Dennis, Harry Enfield, Jon Glover, Steve Nallon, Jan Ravens, Enn Reitel, Kate Robbins


  • Puppets created by: Luck and Flaw
  • Based on the original lunch by: Martin Lambie Nairn
  • Writers
Geoffery Atkinson, Mark Burton, John O' Farrell, Steve Punt, Stuart Silver, Paul Simpkin, Pete Sinclair, Paul Clark, Marc Soda, Mike Barfield, Ged Parsons, Dave Cohen, Ray Harris, Kaefan Shaw
  • Script Editor: Richard Turner
  • Music: Phil Pope
  • Lyrics: Alistair Beaton, Steve Brown
  • Art Editor: Andy Emmony
  • Workshop Co-ordinators: Guy Stevens, Jonathon Breen
  • Puppets Made by
Suzanne Austin, Pablo Bach, Oscar De Wilde, Euncie Clark, Elanie Cartwright, Jeffery Fineberg, Jane Francis, Jackie Hallatt, Shelia Hallatt, Lindsay Hawkins, Frances Hill, Andrew Lee, Stephen Mansfield, Helen McGrother, Susan Moore, Peter O' Rourke, Simon Quinn, Andrew Robey, Julien Short, David Stoten, Jonathan Stubbenhagen, James Sunderland
  • Costume Design: Caroline Pitcher
  • Wigs: Alison Charteris, Charles Weeks
  • Animation: John Gilluey, Peter Thornton
  • Production Team: Anne Cartwright, Jo Hannan, Tracey Witts-Hewinson, Philippa Wood
  • Graphic Design: Phill Dunn
  • Researchers: Rob Peers, Victoria Stable
  • Chargehand Electrician: Pat Fenelon
  • Setting Assistant: Charles Prestidge
  • Production Buyer: Tony Watts
  • Property Master: Allen Polley
  • Stage Manager: Kevin Mullery
  • Production Accountant: Brian Brockwell
  • Assistant Designer: Eileen Aldous
  • Assistant Floor Manager: Simon Haveland
  • Cameras: Terry Gout
  • Sound: Steve Harris, John Parker, Peter Revell
  • Vision: Mike Janes
  • Assistant Lighting Director: Ronald Matthews
  • Vision Mixer: Yvonne Ackrill
  • First Assistant Director: Paul Leather
  • Production Assistant: Lesley Jones, Jean Holdsworth
  • Sound Post Production: Bill Todd, Jim Tetlow
  • Videotape Editors: Hayden J. Baldwin, Paul Bolton
  • Director of Photography: John Henshall
  • Designer: Giovanni Guarino
  • Production Manager: Alison Taggart
  • Line Producer: Candida Julian-Jones
  • Executive Producers: Rosie Hoare, Geoffery Perkins
  • Produced by: David Tyler
  • Directed by: Richard Bradley, Steve Bendelack



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