Series 7 (released to DVD as Series 4) aired from 1 November to 6 December 1987.




Anthony Asbury, Donald Austen, Chris Barrie (#044 & 045), Kevin Bradshaw, Simon Buckley, Richard Coombs, Alistair Fullarton, Louise Gold (#044), Nigel Plaskitt, Mak Wilson


Chris Barrie, Rory Bremner, David Coker (#046), Harry Enfield, Jon Glover, Jessica Martin, Steve Nallon, Jan Ravens, Enn Reitel, Kate Robbins



  • This is the only series to utilize the vocal talents of Rory Bremner. Bremner appears in the first four episodes of the series.
  • Chris Barrie and Kevin Bradshaw are both absent from the first half of this series (though Barrie is credited for puppetry in #044 and #045). Barrie's absence could explain Bremner's brief tenure.
  • First series to feature the puppetry talents of Donald Austen and Mak Wilson, and the first to credit Chris Barrie as a puppeteer since 1984.


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