The Gazza Song, or Cry, Gazza, Cry, is a 1990 song featured at the end of an episode of Series 8. The song lampoons Paul Gascoigne, better know by his nickname "Gazza", who famously cried during the World Cup in 1990. The incident arose after he was given a yellow card by the referee in the Semi-final, which meant that he couldn't play in the final, if England managed to get there.

The song contains many characters singing along, including Gazza, Some of the England team at the time, Des Lynam, Saint and Greavsy, Mike Gatting, Steve Davis, Neil Kinnock and Margaret Thatcher.

Lyrics Edit

Verse 1:

England's got a new hero

Of whom we can be proud

He's no ordinary fella

He stands out from the crowd

A country's favourite football star

A 90's Jimmy Greaves

The only one with a hanky

tucked up his jersey sleaves


Cry, Gazza, Cry

You can do it if you try

Shed a tear for England

Squirts out of from your eye

You may be daft as a brush

or thick as (?)

But Cry, Gazza, Cry

All the way to the bank

Verse 2:

Gazza's helped to put soccer

Back on the up and up

The League has got a new sponsor

It's now the Kleenex Cup

The whole world loves a right sniveler

And crying wins you acclaim

If it's about something important

Like a poxy football Game


So, Cry, Gazza, Cry

You can hear the fans all shout

You sure do know your onions

And went to pull them out

You wouldn't cry at Bambi

You're not a poof, you're hard!

So Cry, Gazza, Cry

Here comes the yellow card

Verse 3:

Mike Gatting:

If that's what makes you popular

I'll try a tear or two

Steve Davis:

Crying might look Interestin'

Boo hoo, Boo hoo, Boo hoo

Neil Kinnock:

I'll cry my bloody eyes out

Until the Election's won

Margret Thatcher:

Perhaps you could increase my chances

No, sorry! Can't be done!

When the going get's tough, the tough get's crying!


Gazza Cry

Put's Maradona to shame

Crying get's a hatrick

Cry three times in one game

Oh, Cry, Gazza, Cry

Forget the sodding ball

It's a novelity to know

That man aren't human after all!


I'm forver crying buckets!

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