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The Good Bit is a parody of Nirvana's Smells Like Teen Spirit (1991), from 1993 that satirizes Seattle Rock and how most of their songs are boring except one bit of it, normally the chorus.



American band

You can't remember our name

You know the ones you liked last month

We're much the same

From Seattle or somewhere

You're not sure

Boring, boring verse

Boring, boring bore

So dull and so drab

You're sitting on the floor

'till we reach the part

You're waiting for

This is the good bit

The only good bit

The reason you bought it

You only like this bit

This is the good bit, the good bit, the good bit

And now there's a quiet bit

(lead singer talks to audience) Lead Singer: Yeah, sorry about this part this guys. We got to do these parts to make the good bits better.

Guy in Red Hat: That's okay.

Big Eared Character: When's the next good bit?

Lead Singer: Oh let me see, uh, I think it's right about like now.

Back to the good bit

The only good bit

The bit you can dance to

And fall out stage to

Get off with with the next tune

The Good bit, the Good bit,

(audience members chat while song still plays)

Guy in Red Hat: This is the good bit, that's good.

Punk: It's half past eleven.

Big Eared Character: Feel like another band?

Guy in Red Hat: Egh, I heard Solthic Mudbath is supposed to be good.

Punk: Have you heard them?

Guy In Red Hat: No.

Punk: Are they from Seatlle?

Big Eared Character: Yeah!

Punk: Great, they're my favorite band!


Good Bit, Good Bit, Good Bit Good Bit, Good Bit, Good Bit Good Bit, Good Bit, Good Bit Good Bit, Good Bit

Good Biiiiiiiiiiiit (Lead sticks out tongue and licks camera)

(Drumer slashes into the drums)