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The Grantham Anthem is a Spitting Image song parodying Margaret Thatcher's former job as a greengrocer in her Father's shop in Grantham. While it begins in a rather simple way, with Thatcher saying how she gained her principles from her days working with her father, the song's tone changes somewhat as it goes on. The song parodies how powerful Thatcher was seen as being, and because the Iron Lady seemed to believe that because the prices of (some) products stayed the same as during her tenure as working as a grocer as well as when she was Prime Minister, this meant that her Government were doing a good job. This, of course, was not how the writers of Spitting Image saw it, and they depicted her as having delusions of grandeur and even godhood, as The Grantham Anthem clearly shows... 

Visual and Lyric Explanations[]


(Margaret Thatcher)
In the face of all adversity, the Omani university,
The far-right infiltration, all the rest of it. 
When I feel like shouting "stop!", I recall my father’s shop, 
In the days when, goodness me, you made the best of it!

When people ask about the dual key, the refund from the EEC, 
The Unions and why I want to ban them! 
However critical they are, I have my guiding star, 
One guiding principle I call the Grantham Anthem!

(Thatcher and Tory Chorus)
The bottles of bleach cost thirty pence each, and Duraglit' is 46p, 
And the family size individual fruit pies are a bargain at one twenty-three! 
The grissini sticks cost twenty-six, and shoelaces twenty the pair, 
But its seventy-two for the lemon shampoo for greasy or difficult hair!

I will sing the Grantham Anthem, which I learnt at my father’s knee, 
As I helped him in his corner shop in Nazareth, Galilee! 
Its still twenty-six for the gravy gran mix, and forty for extract of malt, 
But the low-calorie spread is now eighteen instead of nineteen, that’s the same as the salt!

I sang the Grantham Anthem while I made the Universe!

(Tory Chorus)
(Have we gone completely barmy? Just look at the price of salami!)

(Gospel Chorus)
She sings the Grantham Anthem and she made the Universe!





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