"Walk On By" is a song from Spitting Images, used as the finale of Episode 3 of Series 9. The Spitting Image version is a parody of the song Walk On By, which was written by Burt Bacharach and Hal David, and sung originally by Dionne Warwick on her album of the same name in 1964. In the Spitting Image version, first shown in 1990, the songs lyrics have been changed dramatically, and it looks at the severe homelessness problem that swept Britain at the time.

The song, which premiered after Margaret Thatcher's resignation, is introduced by Alastair Burnet, who describes the crisis as one of the now-former Prime Minister's "many achievements". The film that is shown along with the song is largely unique within the Spitting Image franchise, as it is on of the few segments of the show that uses no puppets at all, instead using real footage and images of the actual homelessness crisis across Britain.


(Sir Alistair Burnet)

So, it's the end of an era, but let's not forget on of Mrs Thatcher's many achievements...


If you see me sleeping on the street,

Nowhere to go, nothing to eat,

Walk on by... Walk on by...

Make believe,

That you don't see the people

That you leave

Behind you, cause each time you see them –  

You just hurry by...

Walk on by... (Don't... Stop...)

Walk on by... (Don't... Stop...)

Yes I know we're not a pretty sight,

So if you see  –  shapes in the night – 

Walk on by... Walk on by...

Turn away  –

And even though there's more of

Us each day – 

You think its a shame but you never 

Stop to wonder why...

Walk on by... (Don't... Stop...)

Walk on by... (Don't... Stop...)

Other people say it isn't true  –

But if I get hurt  –  what's it to you?

Walk on by... Walk on by...

Tell your lies –

That's all that you've got left

So shut your eyes.

As long as we're always forgotten – 

You'll be home and dry...

Walk on by... (Don't... Stop...)

Walk on by... (Don't... Stop...)

(Vocal Chorus)

(Don't... Stop...)

(Don't... Stop...)

(Don't... Stop...)

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