We Wish We Were Black is a 1993 song parodying several white soul singers from the time, including Mick Hucknall of Simply Red fame. It was written by Spitting Image songwriter Steve Brown.

Lyrics Edit


Mick Hucknall


Andrew Strong


Lisa Stansfield

Mick Hucknall:

I fought my way up to the top

With blood and sweat and tears

But mainly it's down to my father (father)

Holding back the shears

I got all the money in the world

There's nothing that I can't do

But I would give it all away

To make one dream come true...

I wish I was black

I'd pay any amount

I wish I was black

But a few freckles don't really count

I don't wanna be a whinger

But there's nothing fine about being ginger

I wish I was born in a Mississipi shack

And I wish I was black

Andrew Strong:

I made it in "The Commitments" (in The Commitments)

Still I'm only in my teens

Singing "Huh!" and "Yow!" and "Mustang Sally" (Mustang Sally)

I've got no idea what that means

I got soul, right on baby

But there's one thing that's troublin' (troublin' him)

If God had meant me to sing this way

What the hell am I doing in Dublin?

We wish we were black

That's what my voice fits

Wish we were black

'Stead of white and pasty with zits

We wear the right apparel

And we nicked the music lock, stock and barrel

But it's got no heart, it's just a knack

How we wish we were black!

Lisa Stansfield

You gotta be true to your roots, hey hey

That's what my momma done warned me, ee-ee-yeah

But if I was true to my roots I'd be-ee

A female George Formby

"Turned out nice again!"

We wish we were black

Wish we'd paid our dues

We wish we were black

Got those old Eric Clapton blues

Can't seem to get a break

It's discrimination for being fake

Our chances of ever being black are slim

But at least we're blacker than him!

(The "Him" in question is Michael Jackson. All four puppets continue singing over the end credits.)

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