Spitting Image - When you 65

Spitting Image - When you 65

Spitting Image - When you 65

When You're 65 is a Spitting Image song parodying the famous song by The Beatles "When I'm 64", from the album Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. The song is on of the more gloomy and depressing songs from the series, as it focuses on the plight of the elderly living in Britain, and the troubles they face.


When you star’s dropping off, losing your teeth, you’re put out to grass, (?)
You've got nothing to do – spend all the day – sitting round on your arse. 
People think – you’re an old codger – who’s too senile to drive, 
Things can get pretty tough – no-one gives a stuff – when you’re sixty-five.

It’s forgotten too soon – the years you put in – all that work you did, 
The pension is crap – you’re expected to live – on a couple of quid. 
Then along – comes the Poll Tax – so you struggle and you strive, 
You’re old and you’re grey – but you still have to pay – when you’re sixty-five.

We’ll be too brassic even to afford a little pot in to which to pee, 
It’s the end of the line. 
Every winter we’ll get hypothermia when they disconnect our electricity, 
Life won’t be like “Last of the Summer Wine”.

You barricade yourself in from the violence and crime, 
OAP’s live in fear. 
It’s a comforting thought, though, your kids still pop around, 
Oh, at least once a year.

The suggest an old folks home, cause they've got busy lives, 
What could be worse, than a bullying nurse, when you’re sixty-five?

Every single day they send you round the meals-on-wheels and you can eat it if you dare, 
I’d rather eat the wheels! 
Then they give you a bus-pass that entitles you to travel without paying the fare, 
Wow, big bloody deal!

If you ever get ill – join the hospital queue – but please don’t hold your breath, 
You’re in terrible pain – but wait for two years – cause its not life or death, let’s face it! 

Are you being – a burden – from simply by being alive? 
If you’re in doubt – you’ll soon find out – when you’re sixty-five…

When you’re sixty-five…

When you’re sixty-five…

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