"Who Will Buy?" is the first song in the Spitting Image special The Sound of Maggie!, and is a parody of "Who Will Buy?" by Lionel Bart from the 1960 musical Oliver! The Spitting Image version is sung by Margaret Thatcher and the Conservative Party.

The song features Thatcher's Ministers as street vendors, selling their wares in a marketplace, with said wares symbolising the privatisation of industry that Thatcher's Government became infamous for. Thatcher then emerges on a balcony, and attempts to sell the morning itself, which attracts the attention of numerous wealthy investors.


(Singer) Electricity! Lovely electricity!

(Douglas Hurd) Telecom! British Telecom! Lots of lovely Telecom!

(Nigel Lawson) Gas and oil! (But enough about me!)

(Singer 2) Airways! Lovely safe airways! (?)

(Nicholas Ridley) Water! Sparkly, fresh, foamy British water!

(Patrons) (Oh, no thank you! No…)

(Margaret Thatcher)

Who will buy this wonderful morning?

Such a sky you never did see…

Who will buy this wonderful morning?

We’re selling morning PLC…


(Oh! I will! Four hundred shares of morning please!)

(Morning for me!)

(Shut up!)

(Morning! Morning! Morning!)

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